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Information and advice to help those looking for good quality, affordable housing or those suffering from homelessness.

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Private Renting

It can be a quick way of securing accommodation. There are private rented homes available in Wolverhampton and they can be found across the City. Search for properties available on websites such as On The Market, Zoopla, and Rightmove.

Private renting will require some upfront payments. These could include a deposit, admin fee, rent in advance, and possibly a guarantor.

Housing Association

Housing Associations provide a very similar tenancies to Wolverhampton City Council, in terms of both security of tenure and affordable rents. This can be an option for people on a low income. Housing associations do not make a profit. They are often called Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) or Registered Providers (RPs). View the Registered providers in Wolverhampton - Apply for housing with other registered providers.

Homes in the City

Homes in the City advertises available homes for letting. This includes homes owned by City of Wolverhampton Council and registered housing associations. Homes are allocated in line with the allocations policy, but you will need to complete an online application form first.

National schemes

Mortgage guarantee scheme

The government’s mortgage guarantee scheme was launched in 2021 after the pandemic meant lenders retracted all 95% mortgages. Now the government offers lenders a guarantee to encourage them to lend again. Once you have found a property (which must cost less than £600,000) you want to buy, to access the mortgage guarantee scheme, you need to find a mortgage from one of the participating lenders. A good mortgage broker can walk you through your options and find the best deal for you. - The mortgage guarantee scheme

Rent to Buy

Rent to Buy allows you to rent a home at a minimum of 20% below the market rent for at least 5 years. This allows you to save for a deposit to put towards your first home. After the 5 years, the landlord can agree to extend your rental agreement, and you can continue on an Intermediate Rent basis, they can sell giving you first refusal, or the landlord can keep and convert the home into rented housing. If your landlord agrees, you can continue to rent the home but not using Rent to Buy - Rent to Buy: pay lower rent to save for a deposit: Overview.

Shared Ownership

Shared ownership schemes allow you to secure a shared ownership mortgage to buy a stake (between 10% and 75%) in a property, while also paying rent on the remaining share to the housing association or private developer that owns the building - Shared ownership homes: buying, improving and selling: How shared ownership works.

First Homes

The government’s First Homes scheme works by offering newly built homes to local first time buyers, including keyworkers, with a discount of at least 30% compared to the market value of equivalent properties - First Homes scheme: discounts for first-time buyers.

Lifetime ISA

A Lifetime ISA, or LISA, is a type of account designed to encourage people to save for their first home or their retirement. You can save up to £4,000 a year and the government will top this up with a 25% bonus - The Lifetime ISA – Save for your first home or for later life.

Homeless Services

The Council's Homeless Services Team can provide support and assistance with housing issues.

Emergency Accommodation and Homelessness

If you are homeless or are looking for support on behalf of a homeless person, you should contact the Homeless Service.

These organisations can help with emergency accommodation.

Emergency accommodation

Single people


The Haven Wolverhampton

The Haven Wolverhampton provides practical and emotional support to women and children affected by domestic violence and homelessness.

Other organisations

The MOD Army provides subsidised accommodation for its servicemen and women. Please refer to this link for further information


The MOD Army provides information on casualty care, mental healthcare and family healthcare.


The Navy Families Federation provides details about dental and medical provision for UK based service families.


The Royal Air Force Families Federation provides details of Service Family Accommodation (SFA) and Single Living Accommodation (SLA) and civilian housing options.


The Royal British Legion offers advice and assistance with matters relating to housing.


The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) offers advice and assistance to anyone eligible for their help, whether they are serving or ex-service, or a family member of someone with a service connection. The SSAFA also provide housing and residential home facilities.


Veterans UK provide information regarding the help available to ex-service personnel who are homeless or are threatened with homelessness.


The City of Wolverhampton Council provide information if you are leaving the armed forces, or you are a former member, you may be entitled to extra help if you become homeless.